Issho Fujita (藤田 一照 Fujita Isshō, April 18, 1954–) was born in Niihama, Japan and was head teacher at Sōtō Zen practice center Pioneer Valley Zendo in Charlemont, MA. Fujita did studies in Child psychology at Tokyo University, but abandoned these studies and became a Zen monk. At 29, Fujita was ordained as a Zen priest at Antai-ji temple by Koho Watanabe, dharma heir of Kosho Uchiyama. In 1987, Fujita took over role as head abbot at Pioneer Valley Zendo, where he lived with his wife Naomi and their children, Saki and Masumi, until his return to Japan in 2005. He is currently living in Hayama, Kanagawa prefecture.