What is Tokyo for You

The Dante Alighieri Society in collaboration with the Vicenza civic museums, Biblioteca Bertoliana and Imagemaker Studio Tokyo is arranging a digital online exhibition and a multimedia installation called “Progetto Farsari: immagini e immaginario del Giappone” (Farsari Project: images and imagination of Japan). The aim is portraying the Japan of today and of the past trough an Italian point of view and with the help of Japanese people coming from art and culture. The Farsari Project is composed of two stages: first of all, building an online archive composed of original photographs taken by the Italian photographer Farsari who lived in Japan during the Meiji Period and by today Italian photographers, artists and video makers that work in Japan. Secondly, an installation in Tokyo (still under definition) which will show the iconographic material of the virtual exhibition. Writers, essayists, architects, illustrators, designers and comics designers, photographers, video makers and directors can take part to the project.